The story

When Jimmy left his family for a business trip, he had no idea that his life would take an unexpected and sudden turn and that he might never see them again.

After miraculously surviving a plane crash, he finds himself lost in a hostile environment, unknown and cut off from society. Determined to find his family, he embarks on a most unpredictable journey home. During his journey, he will find other survivors and will meet strange men dressed in black suits. While they think they are finally saved, the situation quickly degenerates and Jimmy must fight for his life as he tries, as best he can, to return home to his family. During his journey home, many events and encounters will change his outlook on life. Jimmy will find his deepest convictions and beliefs tested like never before.

Through this difficult ordeal, will he be able to make the right decisions and thus succeed in finding his way back to his family?

Written in the first person present tense, this novel will allow you to experience the events as they unfold. In a style mixing suspense, action, paranormal, all mixed with psychological and ideological conflicts, The Ghost of me brings you into a world where you will experience a thousand and one emotions. You will want to smile, laugh, cry, question yourself, and probably also cringe. Many of the most taboo subjects are touched upon, but always with tact and respect for the reader. In this first volume of the series, you will be transported into an unparalleled universe and who knows, maybe you will reconsider certain events of your own life in a new light.

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