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Chapter 1 – The mountain

After a serious plane crash in the mountains near Lake Ouachita, Jimmy tries to find help. He meets Tom, Harry, and Savannah, other survivors of the crash. Together they start searching for Harry’s family and meet Felipe, who announces himself as part of a rescue team that has come to help them. Amazed by the speed of the rescue, they join Felipe in the search for survivors. But is this rapid presence really a good omen? And who are these men? Are they really who they say they are?

Chapter 2 – The escape

After a major fight with the men in black suits, Jimmy finds himself alone, having lost his new friends in the battle. He flees into the forest in the hope of escaping his pursuers. Finally safe, at least temporarily, he tries to understand the thread of events that just happened. He then tries to get back to civilization in order to find help and return to save the other survivors from the grip of the men in black suits. The reclusive nature of the place may make his task considerably more difficult. Moreover, Felipe and his acolytes are surely still looking for him.

Chapter 3 – The city

After a short night’s rest, Jimmy hit the road again in search of help. A city finally appears on the horizon. Jimmy should be able to find help there, but it’s still only dawn, so this may delay his plans. Upon arriving in the town, which seems almost deserted, he meets Sam while struggling to find help. This lucky meeting will change his vision of the accident, its repercussions, and the events that occurred after the crash, but will he be able to deal with this new information?

Chapter 4 – Wake-up dead

Jimmy and Sam sit peacefully in a park where Sam answers Jimmy’s many questions. The new facts that Sam presents to him seem unreal, straight out of a horror movie. Sam will have to prove his theories to him. At the same time, Jimmy gets to know Sam and his story. The contact between the two is instantaneous, bonds are formed and Sam even shows him his family. Together, they will decide which way to go so that Jimmy can find his own family.

Chapter 5 – The trip

While trying to plan the best way to return home, Jimmy is still trying to adjust to his new situation. Finding himself in the position of a fugitive makes it difficult for him to plan his journey home. With Sam’s help, he will try to map out a safe route. Their planning is quickly disrupted as Jimmy realizes that Felipe is still on his tail, flanked by several Passers.

Chapitre 6 – Memphis

À leur arrivée à Memphis, Jimmy et Sam tentent d’éviter le comité d’accueil qui sûrement les attend. Ils se trouveront une cachette où ils auront le loisir de laisser la poussière retomber et ils profiteront de ce temps pour partager leurs vécus respectifs. Ils navigueront à travers la ville afin de trouver leur prochain moyen de transport.  Pendant leurs recherches, ils feront la connaissance de Jérôme dans des circonstances particulières, ce qui opposera Jimmy et Sam.

Chapter 7 – The alley

Jimmy and Sam take a confused Jerome under their wing and try to make him understand the situation and the repercussions his actions will have on those around him. Despite all of Jimmy and Sam’s warnings, Jerome’s decisions get the trio into trouble, leading to a confrontation with the Passers. In a moment of panic by Jerome, they find themselves in a small alley where the trio is surrounded. A colossal fight between them, Felipe, and the Passers erupts. Will they be able to get out of this unfortunate position unscathed?

Chapter 8 – A walk in the park

As Jimmy tries to recover from the events that happened in the alley, he finds himself trapped in a morgue, surrounded by the Passers. He manages to be imaginative and escapes the Passers in the morgue. Late that night, Jimmy spots a man in the dark, who seems to be following a young woman walking alone. If he has bad intentions, Jimmy is determined to thwart his evil plans. An umpteenth confrontation with the Passers follows. In a moment of moral dilemma, Jimmy will have a difficult choice to make…

Chapter 9 – Are you talking to me?

To his astonishment, Jimmy stumbles upon a woman who looks at him and greets him. Meeting Nicole will change his beliefs. Nicole and Jimmy have a long discussion about life and death and what it means for people who lose their loved ones. Nicole and Jimmy have differents opinions, but despite these opposing views, Nicole will help Jimmy get to Pittsburgh where he will settle some scores with the Passers.

Chapter 10 – A new friend

Following an eventful encounter with a fake psychic, Jimmy finds himself surrounded by Felipe and a group of Passers. A furious fight ensues, from which Jimmy barely manages to escape. Wounded and very weak, Jimmy finds refuge in a house where he meets the pretty and witty four-year-old Emily. To his great dismay, this little girl will make him aware, in her own way, of many realities of life.

Chapter 11 – The unsung hero

Jimmy has to leave Emily and her family after her father’s accident because the Passers have located him once again. What follows is a long train journey, full of dangers and escape games. Jimmy notices a strange young man who seems to have dark intentions. He follows him and finds himself in the middle of a merciless war between the Passers and mysterious fighters. Will he, once again, escape his pursuers or will he lose his own existence in this ultimate confrontation?

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