About the author

Marco Gauthier is an author from the Eastern Townships, in the province of Quebec. He is the father of a daughter and a son. Teacher, retail business owner for more than 25 years, musician in his spare time, he adds the title of writer to his resume. With several years of experience writing music and song lyrics, he decided to fully invest himself in a writing project that he had been working on for several years. This process gave birth to the novel, The Ghost of me, the first volume in the series. He is one of the few authors who translates his novels himself. Originally written in English, he translates it himself into French, making sure in the process that the translation remains faithful to the original, both in its content and in its style and rhythm. He likes to write in the present tense, which results in a novel through which you experience the action as it unfolds. He enjoys all literary genres, but suspense, horror, and paranormal remain his favorite styles.

He is currently working on the second part of the series, which he plans to publish simultaneously in the near future, in English and French, in print and digital media.

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